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Collector is a game mode in Disintegration.

Brain Can icon


Players must defeat enemies and pick up Brain Cans in order to score points. The game is won when the score limit is reached, or by the team with the highest score when time has run out.

Brain Cans[]

Brain Cans can come from three sources:

  • Enemy Gravcycles, which are worth +3 points.
  • Enemy Units, which are worth +1 point.
  • Points around the map.

When a Brain Can is in play, the teams may compete for the Can. If a friendly Brain Can is collected, it will not award the collecting team any points. This action will, however, deny the enemy team the ability to gain any points from the Can.


  • Having durable Gravcycles will mean living longer, preventing the enemies from cashing in on your Cans. The durable gravcycles are also more suited to defending the fixed score-drop areas in the maps.
  • Teams need some Gravcycles with faster speeds and better handling to swoop in and collect Cans before their opponents. The faster crews are also well suited to survey the map and pick up cans away from combat
  • Stick with the team... but not too closely. Traveling in groups around the map will make quick work of individual opponents or players trickling back in to combat, but watch for Striker Mortar Strikes, Tank Ground Slams, Warhedz, and any other powerful AOE attacks.
  • Know the maps and where to find the spawned Cans during gameplay. Having a fast crew with the goal of doing sweeps of newly spawned Cans is a quick way to rack up points.