Disintegration Wiki

Disintegration features premium cosmetics which can be purchased visa-vi converting real world currency into credits. Not much is known on what will be purchasable with said currency (hereby referred to as Creds), but this is the comprehensive guide to all things cosmetic in Disintegration.

Sub-categories of cosmetic items

  1. Gravcycle skins (Crew-specific): Gravcycle skins determine what your Gravcycle looks like. All nine Gravcycles have different designs, so these skins are specific to whatever crew you buy them for. Of course, some can be earned by completing challenges. Tl;Dr, there seems to be a fixed price for Gravcycle skins, at 500 Creds, which, based on other in-game currencies, I'm assuming to be about $5.00 Usd.
  2. Crew skins (Crew-Specific): Crew skins work the same way Gravcycle skins do. They're crew specific items attained mostly through in-game currency that majorly change the appearance of your crew, the 2-4 COM units you control via tactical commands The standard rate is 400 Creds, which should be about $4.00 Usd.
  3. Charms: Charms work the same way they do in games like Apex legends, and Rainbow Six siege. They're charms you can attach to your weapons with an amusing or interesting design. I don't think they can be purchased with Creds, because not much is known about the cosmetics, mostly because people aren't extremely interested by them.
  4. Banner: When people see your profile In-game, your banner will appear. Banners are meant to add a bit of extra humiliation to those you defeat. A rare banner will show your opponent you're better than them in a lot of ways. These aren't available for purchase with Creds
  5. Emotes: Emotes. Simple as that. Not available for purchase with creds.