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Disintegration is an upcoming sci-fi shooter and the debut game by V1 Interactive, founded by Halo creative director Marcus Lehto and SOCOM director Mike Gutmann, scheduled to launch on June 16, 2020. Disintegration has a wide variety of Characters and Locations to Game Modes and Weapons in Multiplayer.

Players play as Romer Shoal in the campaign of Disintegration, a former Gravcycle pilot and leader of a small Integrated resistance, the Outlaws, who hope to overthrow the Rayonne forces and restore humanity (Read More).



Pre-orders are available now for PC (Steam) and Xbox One.
Preorder and receive bonus cosmetic items:

  • Lost Ronin "Midnight" skin
  • Flex emote
  • Disintegration Medal gravcycle attachment
  • Elite Disintegration animated platform-exclusive banner

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