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Doyle is a character in the Campaign of Disintegration.



Campaign Upgrades[]

Upgrade 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
4 upgrade.png
Increase this member's maximum health per chip.
+10% Health
Upgrade chip.png Upgrade chip.png
Weapon Damage
5 upgrade.png
Increase this crew member's maximum damage dealt to enemies per chip.
+30% Damage
Upgrade chip.png Upgrade chip.png Upgrade chip.png
3 upgrade.png
Increase this crew member's regeneration attributes per chip.
+20% Faster regeneration rate
+14% Extra health regenerated
+20% Faster regeneration cooldown
+10% Healing from nanites
Upgrade chip.png Upgrade chip.png
Mortar Strike
1 upgrade.png
Increase recharge speed of secondary weapons per chip.
6s Faster recharge
1 upgrade.png
All crew members respawn with more health and ability charge per chip.
+30% Health
+25% Faster ability charge
Upgrade chip.png