Gravcycles are vehicles in Disintegration featured both in the Campaign and Multiplayer.


Gravcycles are hover cycles that can freely move in a 360 degree field of view not limited to any axis. Unlike some aerial units that can fly in the sky freely, Gravcycles have to be on ground in order to hover in the air, if not the Gravcycle will fail and gravity will bring it crashing down.

Multiplayer GravcyclesEdit

Each Gravcycle is closely associated with the particular strengths and abilities of its pilot.

Pilot Durability Handling Speed Weapons
King's Guard 5 2 2 Javelin Launcher, Nano Emitter
Lost Ronin 4 3 6 NG-6 Marksman Cannon, Yumi Rockets
Muertos‎ 3 6 5 MNF-7 Shotgun, Riot Bot Spawner
Neon Dreams 1 6 5 MK-64 Light Machine Guns, Ion Disrupter
Tech Noir 1 6 5 NG-6 Marksman Cannon, NRO Seeker
The Business 5 4 6 HV-Rifle, VAR-TAC Shotgun
The Militia 7 2 2 DB-5 Heavy Cannons, Deployable Turret
The Sideshow 3 4 6 Sticky Grenades
Warhedz 7 2 3 Tri Nades, Warhead
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