King's Guard is a crew in Disintegration.


The first choice for any tank-loving pilot looking to dish damage out as well as they can take it. Unit abilities are Seeker Rockets, Slow Field and Disrupt Droid. The King’s Guard Gravcycle is equipped with a Javelin Launcher: a powerful, one-shot weapon that can be charged up for maximum damage. Hits with the Javelin Launcher will also temporarily slow enemies. The King’s Guard also utilizes a Nano Emitter for AOE healing capabilities that are useful in the heat of battle.

The King's Guard consists of a Gravcycle Pilot, and a ground crew comprised of a Striker, and two Merc units. All crew weapons are controlled by the player. During battle, Gravcycle weapons appear to the right side of the screen, and the ground unit weapons appear to the left.

Crew AppearanceEdit


  • Original
  • Centurion (500 Credits)


  • Original
  • Impaler (400 Credits)


  • Boom Box
  • Coqui Helmet
  • Cupcake
  • Rayonne Dropship
  • Knights Sword
  • Sports Ball!
  • Bat Attitude


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