Lost Ronin is a crew in Disintegration.


Deadly damage dealers focused on all out offense. Unit abilities are Rocket Barrage, and a double dose of Concussion Grenades. The Spitfire Cannons are high damage and high-accuracy. It’s an all-around, balanced offensive weapon that fires 3 round bursts that are effective at long and short range. Whittle your opponent’s health down and finish them off with a volley of heat-seeking Yumi Rockets. An offensive power-play that’s hard to counter.

With their high-speed and long-range attacks, Lost Ronin are well-round gravcycle-killers.

In-game description

Crew AppearanceEdit


  • Original
  • Oni (500 Credits)


  • Original
  • Dragon (400 Credits)


  • Boom Box
  • Coqui Helmet
  • Cupcake
  • Rayonne Dropship
  • Knights Sword
  • Sports Ball!
  • Bat Attitude


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