Disintegration features a variety of game modes for multiplayer ranging on different maps.


The game modes you battle in are 5 vs 5 where you ride your Gravcycle in different terrain on various maps.

List of Game ModesEdit


It’s important to find a crew that matches your playstyle. Each crew has a unique weapon loadout, specific combination of controlled units, and ratings for the Durability, Handling, and Speed of the Gravcycle, which provide a wide range of options.

  • Gravcycles with higher speed are able to reach objectives and rush into flanking positions with ease and are a very good starting choice for new players. These are The Business, Lost Ronin, and The Sideshow.
  • Gravcycles with higher handling can maneuver and dodge most easily, rewarding faster player reflexes, but tend to be easily destroyed if caught off guard. These are Neon Dreams, Tech Noir, and Muertos.
  • Gravcycles with higher durability can survive longer, making them ideal for defending or making coordinated pushes on objectives, at the cost of moving more slowly. These are Warhedz, The Militia, and King's Guard.

Related AchievementsEdit

Icon Name Description
Generic Achievement Suit Up Customize a multiplayer crew.
Generic Achievement Happy Little Trees Craft a custom badge.
Generic Achievement Battle Tested Complete a round of multiplayer.
Generic Achievement Tough Stuff Complete a multiplayer challenge.
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