Disintegration Wiki

Open Technical Beta (Update 1)[]

Released - January 30th, 2020

Update Size - 51.7 MB

We are incredibly grateful for all of the feedback and bug hunting from what is already proving to be a very helpful and passionate community!

Generally speaking, it can be fairly complicated to make changes based on our discoveries with only a one day turn-around. However, we want you to know that we're not only listening, but reacting to the issues that are popping up. And so with that, we have addressed some of the bugs that are fairly low-risk in preparation for the open beta!

Below you will find patch notes for updates we were able to make for the Steam version.

Thank you all for being so supportive, and we hope to see you in the open beta.

For our console players:

Console changes require our builds to go through an external certification process for each platform. The turn-around time on this is longer than the delay between our closed and open beta, so we are not able to be as agile in getting changes to users for this go-around. Your participation is pivotal in helping us identify issues and performance bottlenecks. We are already actively fixing said issues that we have discovered, and we hope that you all continue to find ways that we can improve the game before launch. Thank you for your understanding!

Quality-of-life changes[]

  • Frame rate cap
    • A quick option has been added to modify the frame rate cap.
  • Unit-Ability quick release!
    • From the options menu, you can now switch your unit ability to a mode called "Quick Release." In this mode, the unit-ability will stage while holding the corresponding key, and will auto execute as soon as you release the key.
    • This is optional for players who want to fire off unit abilities quicker without having to press an additional key to confirm the usage while staging.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Mouse button icons
    • We have modified the icons of the left and right mouse buttons to address issues with them looking flipped.
  • Push to talk
    • Fixed an issue in which PTT would default to 'open mic' each match until you pressed the PTT key at least once.
  • In-game skins
    • Fixed an issue where Crew skins were not being applied properly to your ground units in a match.
  • Mouse look inversion
    • The invert-look feature now also applies properly to mouse input.