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I just wanted to take this moment and share with you notes on a patch that went out for Xbox One last week. Before I begin, We had previously been already working on this patch for Xbox One prior to the game launch which is why this patch comes to this platform first.

The Xbox One Patch Notes:


  • Performance optimization for Campaign and Multiplayer.
  • Stability optimization in multiplayer: Fixed some crashes on Samruna and the Multiplayer Sandbox.

Bug Fixes[]

  • We fixed an issue where inverting controls resets in the Garage in Campaign.
  • We fixed an issue where the “Job’s Done” achievement was not awarded properly upon completion.

Things we are addressing in the immediate future: ​

We will be pulling some of the fixes from the Xbox patch into both PlayStation 4 and Steam (where applicable). The bug fixes outlined below were in progress prior to the game launch and they’ve been in test for the last couple of weeks.

In addition to the bug fixes, our top priority is addressing our matchmaking queues. We know users are having a difficult time finding matches and we have a few solutions that we’re considering and testing very soon. Thank you all for your patience.


  • [Steam/PC] Some minor stability fixes for PC
  • [Steam/PC] Fixing an issue where the title fatally crashes upon launch on Windows 7
  • Addressing a crash when returning to the main menu from a Lowtown Match in Multiplayer.
  • Addressing a crash when on the Waiting for Players screen during a 5v5 multiplayer match.


  • "Friends" and "Party" is inconsistently spelled when using the option within Multiplayer.
  • Some accolades show a distorted image when achieving them while playing a Multiplayer match.
  • Users cannot see the currency they will be rewarded in the challenge menu.
  • There is a non-functional button prompt for Options present when no user is highlighted in the Friends and Party menu.


  • Fixing an issue where the Cinematic V banner is unlocked prematurely for new users.