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Retrieval is a game mode in Disintegration.

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Players compete in two intense rounds in which the attacking team attempts to deliver an explosive core to areas under the defending team's control.


The attacking team must deliver the explosive core to the enemy payload via a ground unit, as gravcycles are unable to carry the core. If the unit carrying the core dies, the core will be dropped on the ground and must be picked up by another attacking unit. If the attacking team fails to pick up the core in a short period of time, the core will explode.


  • When Defending on the Retrieval mode, don’t just sit on the Drop Off and wait for the Cores to come to you. The Core carriers gain substantial bonuses to their survivability, and you will want to start whittling them down well before they arrive. Coordinate with your team to cover the Core Containers at A and B.
  • When Attacking on Retrieval, anything you can do to offset the incoming damage against your Core carriers will help. Tech Noir and King’s Guard can provide needed repairs, but a heavy Warhedz getting down low and drawing fire can also be effective to escort the Core carrying unit.
  • When Defending on Retrieval, keep an eye on dropped Cores, even if they’ve started their self-destruct countdown. Attackers can still pick them up and slow the countdown, which can give them enough time to score. Just don’t be close enough to get caught in the self-destruct explosion.


  • Attacking on Retrieval and want to run the Core? Choose any crew with a Rhino or Tank to be the most survivable Core runner available.
  • Help your team push all the way to the Drop-Off with well-timed heals with Tech Noir and King’s Guard.


  • Defending on Retrieval relies on high burst damage to eliminate Core runners, favoring crews such as Warhedz, Lost Ronin, and the damage amplifying effects of Neon Dream’s Ion Disruptor.
  • Choose King’s Guard, using their Javelin Launcher to temporarily slow enemy Core runners.
  • Choose crews with Mercs, to lay down Proximity Mines, or Rangers with Slow Fields, to control chokepoints
  • Drop The Militia’s "Lil Mili" or Muertos Sentry Beacon down for additional firepower and targets for additional layers of defense.