Disintegration Wiki

Units are AI military in Disintegration.




The units are critical in multiplayer, required to perform nearly all primary objectives, and capable of some of the most damaging attacks and crippling abilities. A skilled player able to effectively give their units direct targets, perform unit abilities, and maintain control over moving and firing from their Gravcycle is the most dangerous threat on the battlefield. Even in the hands of a lesser-skilled player, their units will always be nearby, ready to auto-target any nearby threats with high damage attacks.


Commanding Your Squad

  • FOLLOW MODE : This is the default state of your squad. They’ll stay in front of your Gravcycle, and when enemies are nearby, they will fight according to their own targeting priorities and will use cover if it is available. This is the loosest way to control your squad.
  • PRIMARY PULSE ORDER : Issuing a Primary Pulse Order on a location will see your squad move to that general area and fight independently. They will have their own targeting priorities and will fight from cover if it is available. This is useful for controlling the battle lines and keeping track of your squad.
  • PRIORITY TARGET ORDER : Issuing a Priority Target Order on an enemy is essentially a kill-order for your squad. They will leave cover and push aggressively on their Priority Target. This is important for taking down enemies of high importance, but it comes with risk to your squad as they may push into enemy territory. The player should be prepared to support and defend their squad once this order is issued. Learning when to issue (or not issue) this command is essential for high-level play. Your squad will return to Follow Mode after a Priority Target has been destroyed.
  • ORDER CANCEL : At any point, you may cancel a Primary Pulse Order or a Priority Target Order to put your squad back into Follow Mode.